March 11, 2018- "Jesus Walks With Us Through Healing"


In this sermon, based on John 3:14-21, I hold up the life of Jesus (God's grace, forgiveness, and inclusion) as essential for our healing as a child of God.  Sadly, Exclusive Christianity has misused this famous and popular portion of John's gospel to justify exclusion and judgment.  Only those who can recite human formulas of faith (i.e. "I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior") are deemed "saved" in their "human-centric" version of salvation.  A careful look at this gospel story reveals God's desire for healing of all creation.  Judgement is found on those who do not seek the light but rather dwell in the darkness.  Throughout John's gospel, light is equated with the life of Jesus.   Jesus' life is one that is filled with love, grace and acceptance.  We are invited to participate in this life as a path of healing and hope.