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Need a light?

Do you find yourself needing a little inspiration or hope?

Need some light in dark and confusing days?

Want to grow in your faith but not quite sure where to start?

Our daily 5-minute stories and prayers are written with you in mind. 

Our daily 5-minute stories and prayers are written with you in mind.  Each of them offer to shine a little light on your path.     They don't require special knowledge or language.   You don't have to quote the Bible from memory or recite the Small Catechism.    

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Instead they are filled with stories of travel near and far, words about God,  accessible insights of scripture, ideas about creative ministry, and prayers for life along the way.   They come from my life experience and ministry.   It is my prayer that they strengthen your faith and help you to grow closer to God  - Walt    

Featured: Annual Subscription 2019


Light From this Hill is offering a one-price, Annual Subscription to ALL of Walt's 2019 devotional series throughout the year.  

In 2018 - Walt published eight different devotionals ranging from 50 days to three weeks in length.  You might remember them: TOP 25 of 2017When the Road Becomes Rocky (Lent); 50 Days of Easter PrayersGod of Creatures Great and SmallBackyard ParablesLighting Your Way, With Love; With ThanksThreshold: An Advent Journey.   

For 2019 - the intention is to offer as many with a guarantee of at least five.

Annual Subscribers will receive advance notification of each new series.  You don't have to worry about signing up - your name is automatically on the list.  You won't miss a single ONLINE series - they will keep coming to your inbox in time for your morning coffee.  With each subscription, you will receive the option to share that subscription with a friend.  Throughout the year, you can pick the same friend or share it with different folks - your choice. 

Order yours today. For more information (Click Here)

Annual Subscribers also receive a 30% discount on Lighting Your Way, With Love. This book, Walt’s first, is filled with stories, prayers, wisdom, and faith.

ONE PRICE: only $14.99


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