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This 12-day Christmas series celebrates God’s everlasting presence among us.


With Thanks

This three-week series lifts up the need for gratitude for the PLACES, PEOPLE, and our PERSON.

Lighting your way with love.jpg

Lighting Your Way, With Love.

This 40 day series was written by Walt on the occasion his son Noah starting University. Its focus is on navigating life’s transition with Christ-centered wisdom and faith. 50% of proceeds was donated to support Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota.

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Backyard Parables

This series features daily 5-minute parables about God's Kingdom inspired by an ordinary backyard.  It is presented here in the order that it was published starting with day one.  To access the next day, click the "newer post" link on the bottom of the page.  


Top Twenty Five of 2017

This series ran at the start of 2018 and featured reader's favorites from 2017.  It is an eclectic mix of devotional writing that touched our readers' hearts in a special way.  It is presented here in the order that it was originally published - starting with number twenty-five.  To access the next in the countdown, link on the "newer post" link on the bottom of the page.