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Light From this Hill is a website dedicated to providing spiritual resources for ordinary people who love God and want a deeper connection.  Does this sound like you? The daily 5-minute stories, prayers, Ignite, and sermon podcasts all seek to shine some light on your path with the hope that it will lift your spirit.  



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Need a little inspiration in the morning?

Need some light in dark and confusing days?

Do you want to grow in your spirit,

but not quite sure where to start?

Light From This Hill provides resources with you in mind. They don't require special knowledge or language.   You don't have to quote the Bible from memory or recite the Small Catechism.   Instead they are filled with stories of travel near and far, words about God,  accessible insights of scripture, ideas about creative ministry, and prayers for life along the way.   They come from the life experience and ministry of  The Rev. Dr. Walt Lichtenberger.  

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Walt is leading a multi-generational trip from St. James Lutheran to the Badlands of South Dakota. You can follow along with reading each day’s devotional, check out the photo gallery, and access Walt’s travel blog by following this link:

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In 2018 - Walt published eight different devotionals ranging from 50 days to three weeks in length.  You might remember them: TOP 25 of 2017When the Road Becomes Rocky (Lent); 50 Days of Easter PrayersGod of Creatures Great and SmallBackyard ParablesLighting Your Way, With Love; With ThanksThreshold: An Advent Journey.   

For 2019 - the intention is to offer as many with a guarantee of at least five.

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FROM The Rev. Dr. Walt Lichtenberger

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A long time ago, my Dad told me that a good sermon was one that gave him something to 'put in his pocket' for later in the week.  He rolled tires in a warehouse and needed something to nurture his faith mid-week. Growing up, I was inspired by his faith witness and need for spiritual growth.  It continues to inspire me today.

Whether you are rolling tires in a warehouse or not, I want to share daily insights because our spirits need daily attention.

My writing comes from my travels and experience of being a Lutheran pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for over twenty years.  You don't need to have a fancy theological vocabulary or a degree from an institution to access. All that is needed is an open mind, heart, and love for God. Doubts are welcome and expected.  God meets us in our questioning, thinking, and sacred dreaming.   I know because, God has met me in these places and has provided me with unexpected growth - Walt