Choose Kind


In this sermon, based on Luke 6:17-26, I look at Jesus teaching of blessings and woe, set in the context of a world where things are broken. By the grace of God we are blessed, loved, and forgiven. We encounter woe as we turn away from God’s path of love and kindness.

I preached this sermon on the occasion of my 10th Anniversary at St. James Lutheran Church.

Pray Always - Week Three - Pray For Your Church


Pastor Walt preaches a three-part series on prayer.

Week three, based on Luke 4:14-21 (the start of Jesus’ public ministry in Luke’s gospel), looks at the need for prayer for the sake of the church and its ministry.


Week two, based on John 2:1-11 (the wedding feast at Cana), looks at praying during times of need for ourselves and others.

Week one, based on Luke 3:21-22, looks at the role that prayer can play in the life of the Baptized.